The Go-To Destinations for Indian Foodies: Italy and Goa

There are a lot many factors that hold a special place to incite craziness for traveling. And when it comes to Goa & Italy, then this madness manifold raises. But do you know why most of the Indians spend gastronomic holidays at these two remarkable destinations? Well, it’s because Indians have a lot of love for Goa & Italian cuisine and this love is boundless. Goa has received the maximum rating by people as compared to all other visiting places in our country. Similarly, Italy gained the maximum percentage of votes as compared to other countries like Thailand, France, etc.

As per the recent survey, being conducted by TripAdvisor, these two places hold a top spot in the list of favourite destinations, and the reason is food. The study reported that 71% of respondents stated that these places are very popular because of some restaurants and are looking forward to visit these places as they want to try some new amazing dishes.

This, India Gastronomic Survey 2017, second edition, showcased that holiday & food both are complementary. People visit places to add varied food experience to their diary of life. Also, 3 out of 5 Indians are ready to go to these destinations for gastronomic holidays.

The survey depicted that people are excited about the gastronomical delight more as compared to the place in itself. Also, visiting an area and eating the delectable food, gives an unforgettable experience of that country’s culture inevitably. This survey has given a clear understanding of the significance of food while spending a holiday. To get an overall experience of the trip, people prefer to taste the different and famous cuisines of that place. This has become the most exciting and captivating factor for most of the Indians to go for a memorable holiday to Italy or Goa.

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