Back-to Back Movies and Shows Force for Binge-Watch

With the advancements in science and technology, people want everything at their fingertip. The latest apps and services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are launching something new and interesting each day in order to increase their subscribers from all parts of the globe.

Their collection of movies and shows forces every individual to binge-watch. Television serials too have a great role in this game. In short, it is a trap that almost every individual falls for.

According to health experts, watching back-to-back movies or TV channels may lead to expanding waistline, which is a serious issue.

According to Ramen Goel, who is a Senior Bariatric Surgeon and Director at Center of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, Wockhardt Hospitals, these days they are coming across multiple physical health cases (especially younger generation) and that is all because of sticking to a single place for hours.

Dr. Goel also mentioned that the younger generation spends most of their time with phone, monitors or TV. Hence, they neglect physical activities, which are essential for healthy lifestyle.

According to Sushant Wadhera from Venkateshwar Hospital, Dwarka informed that sitting idle in front of screens reduces the metabolism of a body. On the other hand, people usually consume potato chips, junk food, cool drinks etc. while watching TV, which contain high calories and always lead towards obese.

Not only kids, elders as well as housewives are also affected by binge-viewing. Children get busy with cartoon channels, while homemakers with their never ending family drama serials.

Dr. Swapnil Jain from Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram feels that binge-viewing has affected all age groups, which is leading to wrong lifestyle. He added that while doing so only one muscle performs exercise and that is eyeball.

If the same continues, soon people will suffer from diabetes, heart attack and kidney problems. Thus, one should set limits and should not go beyond a certain boundary.

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